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At SBS, we’re not like a regular bookkeeping service. We’re a cool bookkeeping service.
At least… as cool as anyone who finds bookkeeping fun and exciting can be 😉

We offer comprehensive bookkeeping and tax solutions for small businesses and startups and our goal is to provide the help you need while sharing knowledge and tools to help you understand what it is we’re doing and how you can do it yourself, should you choose to. We specialize in identifying and correcting errors in the books and setting up an easy-to-follow system to help you move forward.

About: Who We Are


At Stillwater Business Solutions, we provide high-quality, personalized bookkeeping services that relieve the burden from our clients so they feel confident about their books and free to focus on other priorities. We aim to be a partner to our clients, sharing knowledge and advice to set them up for success on their own, if they desire.


Create a source of calm in the busy lives of small business owners.



At SBS, it’s always personal. We welcome clients at any stage of creating and/or running a business and we will always meet them where they are. Whether you’re an individual considering launching a new business or an established company wanting help with your existing books, we're here to help!


We're passionate about identifying and solving problems! And we're here to partner with you and educate you along the way so that you can prevent making the same mistake.


The SBS brand is centered around offering hassle-free services that will save time and money for our clients. While we love bookkeeping, we know many business owners find it daunting and we believe you should be free to focus on other aspects of your business.



Karolyn & Bryan live in St. Petersburg and spend as much time outside as possible. They play volleyball, camp regularly, and go to the beach as much as they can. They also love to travel to new places whenever possible. They have a spunky five-year-old daughter who is always up for a new adventure with them.


Now a passionate bookkeeper, Karolyn first discovered her love for accounting almost by accident. She’d endeavored to expand her horizons and explore new opportunities after several years of working for major hospitality brands (Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, Marriott) and decided to go back to school for business. When she was required to take Financial Accounting, something clicked and she suddenly realized her educational & professional passions had been misplaced all along. Accounting just made sense.


Her accounting studies lead her to learn all about QuickBooks and eventually become a certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor to further her skills and learn how to support others in their business endeavors. After Karolyn and Bryan met while working for a local accounting firm, they quickly joined forces and brought together their passions for accounting. Since Bryan is an Enrolled Agent fluent in tax work, they made the perfect team.


Of her motivation to work with small businesses and startups, Karolyn says:


“Living in St. Pete has really bolstered a lifelong passion for supporting small businesses. One of my favorite things about the area is how many local restaurants and store fronts, and business in general you find. Each one with its own unique story. By being in this business, I hope to be able to support those other small business owners in a really meaningful way.”

About: Meet the Team


Stillwater Business Solutions was created after founder Karolyn LaLonde discovered her passion for bookkeeping, quickly recognizing her missed calling. The idea for the name “Stillwater” came from the movie “Almost Famous,” one of her all-time favorite movies which also inspired her daughter’s name, Penny Lane. She always felt connected to the underlying themes of the story, illustrating the ebb and flow of life, growing up, and what it means to be there for someone you care about.

In reflecting more deeply, Karolyn made the connection to and was also inspired by the physical concept of still water, which to her represents a safe place to land even when business provides “rough seas.” She strives to provide this solace for small businesses through her virtual bookkeeping services.

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